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Visit us from March 31st - April 3rd 2020 at the Analytica in Munich. Check out our "ALL-Rounder" for weighing, stirring, heating, formulation and titration. We are looking forward to your visit.

Visit us at the Surface Technology

in Stuttgart from June 16 - 18,  Hall D27/45 and marvel at our new developements.

We are your first contact for the analytics for over 25 years! The company Gravitech was founded in 1994 with the philiosophy:

"Keep indivdual analytics short and simple for our customers!" To this aim we have remained loyal till this day.

To our competence belong the development of analysis methods, personal trainings, optimisation of the lab daily routine, planning tailor made labs.

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alino, the other way for titration

The first titration without pipettes and burettes, following the shown steps of the analysis.



the first stirrirng balance

Weighing under stirring without changing the place.



UV 1000

The UV explanation for preparationof samples  for

Spectroscopy, Voltammetry...



Endpoint viewer for the potentiometric and bipotentiometric titrtation.



Water vapour distillation

Keep It Short and simple!

Water vapour distillation for the ample preparation for the determination of alcohol, volatile acids, SO2 or nitrogen bonds ...


The specials ...

Unusual analysis need special analytic. E.g. the determination of alcohol, SO2 or volatile acids in drinks, FFA in french fries, control of the iron concentration in flux bathes or the gold content in galvanizing electrolytes.

We try to find the best procedure for your belongings.


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