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UV Digester UV 1000

UV photolysis is used to remove organic constituents that interfere with determinations of individual elements. It is used to remove residual organic residues after microwave or HPA digestion.

Due to the geometry of the UV 1000, 12 samples can be digested simultaneously. The high intensity of the UV emitter allows a fast and maximum achievable decomposition of the organic compounds. In order to regulate the heat generated during the UV irradiation, the water cooling of the entire digestion block was deliberately chosen. This ensures that the UV photolysis can be carried out continuously with maximum lamp power.

The UV digestion is suitable for sample preparation for the inverse voltammetric examination of water as well as for the release of organically bound halogens as halides (AOX, EOX, POX determination) as well as for the oxidation of organically bound sulfur and phosphorus to sulfate or phosphate.

Similarly, the UV photolysis is used after the enzymatic degradation of organic compounds.

The UV 1000 is used where organic components impair the determination of metals. For example, for sample preparation of waters for the determination of Hg, Se or Sn.

Also in standard regulations for heavy metal determination (DIN 38406 Part 16: Determination of Zn, Cd, Pb, Cu, Tl, Ni, Co ...) or uranium determination (DIN 38406 Part 17: Determination of uranium ...), the UV Digestion used.


Technical specifications:
UV lamp:

Hg vapor medium pressure lamps

Lamp power: 1000 W

Life span: approx. 500 - 1,000 h


UV digestion block:

Cooling: water cooling, adjustable

Digestion temperature: max. 80 ° C

Digestion time: arbitrary

Voltage: 220 ... 240V

Frequency: 50 ... 60 Hz

UV 1000

profile UV 1000

1      mercury light source

2      cooling system

3      sample glas

4      sample solution

5      heating zone

6      part of cooling system

7      total cooling system

8      zone for condensation

9      cooling water inlet

10    cooling water outlet

11    lamp connection

12    UV security glass


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