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Water vapour distillation POLYDEST


Steam distillation is used to prepare alcohol, sulphurous acid, volatile acids, nitrogen (Kjeldahl), phenols, sorbic acid in dairy products, ammonium chloride in licorice products, ....
The POLYDEST is characterized by its easy operation. The water for distillation is heated by the standby heater when the unit is switched on. This guarantees a rapid development of steam when switching on the distillation. If the distillation is started, an additional 550 W for the development of steam are switched on. Also the cooling water is now switched on. When the distillation is finished, the cooling water flow and the steam generation are automatically switched off.

The distillation time for about 50 ml is about 4 min.

The samples are presented in a Dewar glass vessel. The DEWAR has a double glass wall with a vacuum between. So the vessel keeps cool outsdie. You have the possiblility to remove the vessel from the apparatus immediately after distillation: The risk of burns is minimized

The condensation of the distillate takes place in a combined ball-snake cooler.

Advantage: distillate condenses quickly on the first two cooling water glass spheres. Thereafter, the condensate is passed slowly over a snake cooler, which ensures a good cooling of the distillate.

Technical specifications
Sample volume up to 100 ml,
Distillation timer 0.5 - 10 min,
Distillation time for 50 ml distillate <4 min,
Cooling water on / off switching automatically via solenoid valve,
Heating power in the distillation 620 W,
Standby heating 70 W,
Housing 300x230x460 mm



Water vapour distillation

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