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For the hot-dip galvanizing the most important bath is the rinsing bath before the flux bath and the flux bath itself:

We recommend the controls of the iron salary in the last rinsing bath and the parametre concentrations in the flux.

The analysis is simple with the very easy with gravimetrischen Titrator alino:

1. Regulation of the iron salary in the last Spülbad and in the flux bath

2. Regulation of the acidity in the Spülbad

3. Regulation of the zinc and chloride salary in the flux bath

The analyses occur with gravimetrischen Tirator alino and all that without pipets and burettes.

The results are indicated directly, shown in a concentration time diagramme and stored away. From the analysed parametres are calculated, in addition, the content in zinc chloride and Ammoniumchhlorid.

If desired,  the amounts of the components to be added are indicated in time.

Preatretement bathes, e.g. degreasing bathes can be also examined.

The small alino or the comfortable TitriQuick analytical system


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