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Nickel-plating, chromium-plating or coating with precious metals are only examples of the varied surface treatments in the surface technology. With our analytical system most parametres can be identified with simple methods fast and reliably.

The analysis procedure is the gravimetric titration without burettes and pipettes. For some metals we use the photometry. Both procedures are tuned especially to the surface technology.

alino for the simple titration


alino is the Titrator for the lab and the company. The user is led step by step through the titration:

First the component in th bath is chosen. Each step is indicated successively:

Pure the sample in a beaker, the weight is automatically stored, stirrer starts. With a squeeze bottle the titraton solution is added up to the endpoint. Quit this point. The weight is automatically stored, the result calculated and indicated in the display.


For more comfort you can use the software of the TitriQuick-analysis system. Here the content of the single components is shown in a diagramme in dependence of the time. Missing components or low concentrations are corrected by the program.


The TitriQuick-analysis system also allows the binding of a photometer or pH-meter.


All methods are tuned especially for your belongings.

The small alino or the comfortable TitriQuick analytical system



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