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Analytical bath control for everybody

The analysis system TitriQuick was developed for the practical person for the bath controls in the surface technology.

It guarantees the easy and quick bath controls for the "24-hours of company", round-the-clock.

The TitriQuick-system is simple to use. Staff without chemical foreknowledge can fix it and gets reliable results with a very good ability for reproduction, independent of the user.

The user is led step by step through the analysis. The results of the analysis are directly shown as value and graphically. The results form the base to the bath regeneration.

The analysis results can be used directly for bath regeneration or to the forwarding to the QS department.

Their are two systems:

alino for the control of single parametres and

TitriQuick-analysis system for the control of all parametres in different bathes.

Both systems are used in all different branches of the surface treatment, e.g. for electroplating, anodizing, eloxation, hot dip galvanization.

We adapt the analytics to your demands.


TitriQuick software

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