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The gravimetrric titration is easiest method to determine the parametres which are important for the bathes for anodizing. The advantages are: easy use,  high exactness and reproduction. The system is suited for the lab as well as for the company, no electrodes, pipettes or burettes ars used.

While anodizing the most important bath parametres are:

Aluminum, sulfuric acid and the content in free sulfuric acid.

The realization is very easy:

1. Determination of the aluminium salary

2. Determination of the sulfuric acid

3. automatic calculation of the free sulfuric acid

The analysis method is the gravimetric titration, a Titration without pipettes and burettes. The apparatus is the alino, the alnalyzing system the TitriQuick.

The software leeds the user step by step through the titration:

Choose the component.. The progam starts and shows the first step: Each step has to be signed:

Weigh in the sample approximately, the program stores the exact weight, the stirrer starts. Add the titration solution up to the endpoint. Quit the endpoint. alino  weighs automatically the mass of the titration  solution, calculates and shows the result in the display.

While using the software of the TitriQuick analysing system all results are stored and shown in a diagramme concentration in dependence of the time.

The needed weights or volumes for the addinng components can calculated automatically.

The small alino or the comfortable TitriQuick analytical system

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