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alino, the gravimetric Titrator


is a balance and a integrated magnetic stirrer in one tool and a small PC Panel.

The alino can WEIGH, STIR and TITRATE.

All endpoint titrations can be performed without pipettes and burettes.

Sample preparation steps for the titration, such as diluting, dissolving samples in liquids, or simply weighing or stirring, are carried out with the alino® at one place without changing the place.

 For the Titration weigh in the sample. The sample weight is automatically stored and the magnetic stirrer starts. Titrate with a squeeze bottle until the end point. The stirrer is switched off and the  consumption of the titration solution is weighed. The result is displayed directly on the PC panel. All titration resutls are stored with date and time.

Advantages of the gravimetric titrator:

weighing sample and titrator consumption causes that the titration is independent from temperature, pipetting or buretting and air bubbles. The errors are only reduced to the end point detection.

Weighing in the sample increases accuracy and saves time.

Glass breakage of pipettes and burettes does not exist.

Burettes or extensive dosing units are replaced by simple dosing units.

The alino is the all-rounder in the laboratory:

                                        Scale, stirrer and titrator in one device.


Technical data of the balance:

Weighing ranges 2,200 g, 4,200 g, 6,200 g

Readability 0.01 g,

Reproducibility 0.01 g

Linearity 0.015 g

Weighing pan 190 x 190 x 30 mm

Mixing scale 228 x 381 x 99

SCS internal self-calibration system

AWC calibration maintenance system

ART Automatic reproducibility test

USB device connection

RS232 interface

Technical data of the magnetic stirrer:

Power of the agitator 2 - 8 watts
Stirring frequency 100 - 1000 rpm

Acceleration time 5 - 40 s

Stirring quantity of aqueous solution max. 1000 g



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