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The stirrer balance

WAAGE und RÜHRER in einem Gerät.


Arbeitsschritte wie Verdünnen, Lösen von Proben in Flüssigkeiten oder einfach nur Wiegen und Rühren werden mit der Rührwaage an einem Ort, ohne Platzwechsel durchgeführt.


Der alino ist das Multitalent für das Labor und den Betrieb.

SCALE and STIRRER in one device.

Work steps such as diluting, dissolving samples in liquids or just weighing and stirring are carried out with the mixing balance at one place without changing.

The alino is the all-rounder for the laboratory and the company.


application examples

    Preparation of mixtures, emulsions, suspensions, ...
    Dissolving pigments, paints, powders in aqueous media
    Manufacture and direct filling of suspensions in the pharmaceutical, paint and paint industries
    Assembly of color solutions
    Simple weighing and stirring applications

The stirrer is available as LX or LS model.

Technical data of the balance:

Weighing ranges 2,200 g, 4,200 g, 6,200 g

Readability 0.01 g,

Reproducibility 0.01 g

Linearity 0.015 g

Weighing pan 190 x 190 x 30 mm

Mixing scale 228 x 381 x 99

SCS internal self-calibration system

AWC calibration maintenance system

ART Automatic reproducibility test

USB device connection

RS232 interface

Technical data of the magnetic stirrer:

Power of the magnetic stirrer 2 - 8 watts
Stirring frequency 100 - 1000 rpm

Acceleration time 5 - 40 s

Stirring quantity of aqueous solution max. 1000 g (at 2.200 g weighing range).




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