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Analytics of beverages by Gravitech

It examines fruit and vegetable juices, wines, sparkling wines, fruit sparkling wines, spirits or even soft drinks.

Depending on the drink, the following parameters are analyzed:

Density, alcohol and extract, total acid, free and total sulphurous acid, sugars before and after inversion, volatile acids, reductones, and the formol number.

For these parameters you need the gravimetric titrator alino and the steam distillation POLYDEST.

Depending on the requirement, e.g. QBA analysis, RSK values, the necessary methods and devices are put together to a suitable system. For the QBA analysis there is "The Wine Laboratory of Gravitech". For all titrimetric determinations, the gravimetric titrator alino is used. The alcohol and extract determination takes place after Tabarié via the gravimetric distillation with the POLYDEST.

The alcohol determination according to Müller-Würdig (the density and the refraction value of the sample are required here) can be carried out with the combination device DENSIFRACT.

The software and the measurement/control unit complete the system. The program "WineLab" guides the user through the individual regulations with short, precise instructions. The results obtained are displayed directly and stored at the same time. The filing of the data can be done by article, analysis or customer number.

In addition to the standard parameters, you will find methods for determining color intensities, heavy metals and tartar stability. We have also developed a simple method for controlling the malolactic acid degradation BSA.


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Water vapour distillation

alino, gravimetric titration

DENSIFRACT,               density and refraction

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