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It is the tool for visual titration end point determination:

acid / base, redox and precipitation titrations.

Colored LEDs show the proceeding prozess of the titration. The LEDs are lighting RED, YELLOW or GREEN depending on the progress of the tiration.

Two LED lines lead through the titration:
The first roughly indicates the titration level, the second serves as a magnifying glass for precise endpoint recognition.


The linear display of the titration degree is only realized in the potentiometer TITRIPOT:

In contrast to digital segment displays, the fine display reproduces in the area of the equivalence point, clearly and without delay, the tendency and magnitude of the measured value change with each addition of titrator. The endpoint no longer needs to be recognized as a hard-to-find numerical value on a digital display. It is clearly indicated by two superimposed green LEDs. Accuracy and titration speed of the titration are increased.


The TITRIPOT is calibrated with a buffer solution whose pH value corresponds to that of the equivalence point. The titration endpoint is reached when green LEDs light up.



Elektrode: Doppleplatiniumelectrod
For bipotentiometric titration calibration is not necessary.
Dip the electrode into the sample and adjust the potentiometer until the two green LEDs turn on.
This method is particularly well suited for determinations in colored solutions, e.g. SO2 in dark red wines.


The TITRIPOT is suitable for all potentiometric and bipotentiometric indexing in alkalimetry, acidimetry, redox and precipitation titration. This tool is used for analyses in food, beverage, electroplating and basic chemicals industries.


Technical specifications:

Display with two opposing LED lines,

Compensation range ± 1400 mV,

Resolution <5 mV (<0.1 pH),

Potential range approx. 300 mV,

Electrode socket (bulkhead),

housing 55 x 112 x 31 mm,

power supply 9V battery (6LR61)





titration curve

titration curve

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