Gravitech __________ __________ tailor-made ANALYTICS
         Gravitech __________                                                         __________  tailor-made ANALYTICS

Gravimetric titration with alino  is the easy and fast control of all the bath parametres at a few minutes.

For Electropolishing the most important bath parametres are:

Iron, phosphorus acid and sulfuric acid. The determination is simple:

1. gravimetric titration of iron

2. Removing the iron "without ion resin column"

3. Determination of the phosphorus acid and sulfuric acid in once

4. automatic calculation of the water content

All titrations are carried out without pipettes, burettes and electrodes. The analytic is tailor made:


The sample is weight in, the titration solution add with a µl - squeeze bottles, the titration endpoint is clearly and unique indicated. The functions tare, stirrer on/off, weighing, calculating the analytcal results and monitoring are computer-controlled.


The contents of the single components are shown in diagrammes concentration in dependence of the time.

All other bath parametres can also be determined with that system. Pease call us for more information.

The small alino or the comfortable TitriQuick analytical system

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